Prof. Dr.
Herbert Eimert

In a statement
Prof. Dr. Herbert Eimert writes:

“Hübner has acquired all knowledge in the
field of electronic music...
Peter Hübner ... has developed concepts which demonstrate a special talent for the musical and technical questions of electronic music...
Peter Hübner has developed a notation for
music, as well as a further notation
which allows orchestral music to be
connected directly with electronic music.”

Herbert Eimert

internationally renowned composer
and probably the most significant
music theorist of our time (his book:
“The Fundamentals of Modern Series
Technique”), publisher of the series
“New Music”, founder of the first
electronic music studio of the world at
Cologne, and therefore internationally
acknowledged as the “father of
electronic music,” professor for
composition and electronic music at
the University of Music, Cologne,
director of the electronic studio
of the academy