October 10, 1968

Auditorium Maximum
Technical University
At the 1968 Berlin Festival Weeks - where during the International Week for Experimental Music* Peter Hübner presented three sensational developments in notation and where his work ‘Energy I’ had its World Premiere – he was recognised as one of the leaders of the avant-garde, both as a music theorist and as a composer.

*note: to this day this was the biggest international congress of its kind
  Monday, October 7
Lecture hall 106
starting from 4pm

Registration of participants
  Studio lecture hall 110
from 5 pm
Tour of the sound studio of
Berlin Technical University with
demonstrations of the equipment
  Festival Weeks Program
Kemper Platz
Concert of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Frank Michael Beyer
“Versions for String Orchestra“ (first performance)

Heinz F. Hartig
“Composition in five phases“ for violoncello,
choir voices, orchestra and audiotape

Aribert Reimann
“Nenia“ for speaking voice and orchestra

Boris Blacher
  Tuesday, October 8
Lecture hall 106
from 9.00pm

Registration of participants
  Auditorium Maximum
Aesthetic Problems of Electronic Music


Boris Blacher, President of the Academy of Arts

Fritz Winckel,
Explanations regarding the program

Carl Dahlhaus, TU Berlin
Aesthetic Problems of Electronic Music

Emerson Meyers, Catholic University, Maryland, USA
Aesthetics for Beginning Students in Electronic Music

Demonstrations of electronic music
  Studio lecture hall 110
Demonstrations of Electronic Music

G. Ciamaga, Toronto (first performance)
J. Chadabe, Albany, N.Y.
J. V. Asuar, Santiago de Chile
J. A. Strange, La Mesa, California
I. Mimaroglu, Istanbul
A. del Monaco, Caracas
  Studio lecture hall 110
Manfred Krause, TU Berlin
Development of Technical Studio Equipment for
Electronic and Audio-Visual Music Demonstrations
outside the program

  Wednesday, October 9
Studio lecture hall 110
Principals of Electronic Music

J. H. Appleton, Dartmouth/USA
Re-evaluating the Principle of Expectation in
Electronic Music

E. Zaffiri, Studio SMET, Turin
Experimental Didactics in Electronic Composition

F. Winckel, TU Berlin
Problems of Spatial Music

Demonstrations of Electronic Music

E. Berk, London (first performance)

L. A. Hiller
, Buffalo, USA

G. Strang
, Long Beach/California

E. Zaffiri
, Turino

R. Wilding-White
, Chicago

J. A. Riedl
, Munich
  depending on the weather
Steamboat ride on the Havel
(with electronic music)
or touring the exhibition “Kinetic Art“
at Haus am Waldsee, Zehlendorf,
Argentinische Allee 30
  Auditorium Maximum
Concert of Experimental Music

B. A. Zimmermann, Köln,

M. Shinohara, Tokio
(first performance)
Solist Günther Weber

F. Bayle, Paris
“Espaces Inhabitables“

M. Kelemen, Zagreb,
Study from the opera “The Pest“ with bass clarinet
(first performance)

A. Dobrowolski, Warsaw
“Music for audiotape and oboe (solo)“
  Thursday, October 10
Studio lecture hall 110
W. Fucks, Technical University Aachen
Information theory aspects regarding the analysis of
music structures

H. Chiarucci und G. Reibel, Paris
Pouvoir des Machines, Pouvoir de l'Oreille
P. Hübner, Cologne
Composition and Notation Problems

A. Lanza, Argentina
Notational Systems for Electronic Music

Demonstrations of electronic music:
P. Hübner, Cologne “Energy I“
(first performance)

J. Cage, USA,
“Imaginary Landscape No. 3“
  Auditorium Maximum
Movie Screenings

J. A. Appleton

E. Reinboth / Berlin Electronics
“Aleph“ (first performance)

V. Ussachevsky / M. L. Williams
“Line of Apogee“
  after that
in the TU film studio
(chemistry building)
J. A. Riedl, Munich
“Speed“ (Cinemascope)
Music for drum set and electronic language
Life-Drummer: M. W. Ranta, USA

K. Stockhausen, Cologne
  Festival Weeks Program Philharmonie,
Kemper Platz
Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor Karl Böhm
Bruckner, VIII. Symphonie
  Deutsche Oper,
Ballet Evening
Strawinsky “Firebird“
Prokofieff “Gala Performance“
  Friday, October 11
Studio lecture hall 110
Computer Music

H. Zemantek, Wien,

G. M. Koenig, Utrecht
Coded Music

P. Grossi, Florenz
The Computer in Music

P. Zinovieff, London
The Use of Small Computers in the
Production of Electronic Music

Demonstrations of Computer Music

P. Zinovieff, London

P. Grossi, Florence

H. Kupper, Düsseldorf

M. Matthews, Murray Hill, USA
  Studio lecture hall 110
Panel Discussion

Results of the Convention
Exchange of thoughts regarding the preparation
for an “International Committee for Electronic Music“
  Auditorium Maximum
2. Concert for Experimental Music

K. Penderecki, Warschau
“Psalmus 61“

H. Badings, Stuttgart
“Genesis“ for Male Choir, 4 Drummers und
Audiotape (Premiere)

B. Blacher, Berlin,
Excerpt from the Opera “Ariadne“
Speakers: Ursula Becker, Helmut Göring

G. M. Koenig, Utrecht
“Function Yellow“ (first performance)

M. Kagel, Cologne
  Sunday, October 12
Studio lecture hall 110
Audio-Visual Art

Max Bill, Zürich
Thoughts on Audio-Visual Art
Sender Freies Berlin,
10.30 Uhr
Academy of the Arts

(closed event - for participation please apply in the
convention office)

Taking part in the Werkbundtag 1968:
“Generations - Responsibility - Environment“
  Studio lecture hall 110
Opportunity for further audiotape demonstrations and
film presentations
joining the city-tour of the Werkbundtag
(please apply in the convention office)
  Planetarium of the
Concert of Electronic Music

with works of G. M. Koenig,
H. H. Wiese and others