Peter Huebner Energie 1
Academy of the Arts, Technical University Berlin, in cooperation with the International Society of Musicology
a) musicology lecture on 
Problems of Composition and Notation” – international presentation of three methods of notation developed by him:
  1. the Sonagramm Method
a scientific reversible method
  2. the Tabling Method
  3. the Formula Method
as forward-looking technologies of composition for working with the computer in the electronic studio
b)   first performance of Peter Hübner's electronic music opus Energy I in multi-channel technology
Peter Hübner –
Classical Composer and Musicologist –
1968 at the Berlin Festival during the International Week for Experimental Music
Peter Huebner - presentation of his scores
The picture shows the situation comparable to the Audimax-auditorium of Berlin Technical University, where Peter Hübner, using three great projectors, presents during his lecture to the gathered international experts the newly developed notation methods for electronic music. In the upper part one sees three of the projected graphics picturing the notation methods developed by Peter Hübner. (see also to the right) Below hangs the original score of Energy I, about 9 meters in length.