Rudolf Haase
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Haase
renowned author,
founder of the
Hans Kayser Institute for Fundamental Harmonical Research at the
in Vienna -
the most eminent music university in the world

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Haase

In a letter to Peter Hübner:

“For many years I have been playing your composition ‘The Song of Life’ to my students, a significant example of that, and how harmonical fundamentals derived by nature can be used as a basis for composition today.

My ‘Fundamental Harmonical Research’ is part of the music therapy course and of the curriculum in 5 departments (faculties at the University of Music in Vienna, which with around 3.000 students and 400 lecturers, is the largest in the world).

I am particularly interested in your ‘Music and Health’ project… actually the objective of my career at the University of Music in Vienna focused on providing a scientific basis for the music therapy education introduced in Vienna…
You will now have a better understanding of why I am interested in your project: the possibility of a co-operation with my Institute exists. In any event, I can only provide encouragement for your project and would be delighted to see it supported from as many angles as possible.

Given my 25 years experience, I can really encourage you to realise similar efforts … in your planned music faculty and would be happy to provide any advice in this respect.”